Hey there and welcome to my blog where I am going to fill you in on my DDPY journey. I am going to be 100% honest I dropped the ball massively on my health journey however, I still managed to get my work out in. If you want to see my explanation check my video out above. Biggest reason this post will be a little short I put other things in my life first then yoga like my birthday as you only turn 28 once. I also share my birthday gift with you all in my video which is my beautiful kitten named Annie so check it out in the video where I ramble.


So by the title I took it to the extreme to make up for my lack of doing yoga this past week. I was trying to play catch up so I did the most extreme workout. I started off first doing the breathing exercises then transitioned into the lunge knee touches, planks, and stalling push-ups. It was a lot and I felt the workout through my whole body. This workout was tougher because I was playing catch up and man oh man did I pay for catching up. I am going to feel this workout for a few days. Even though it is repetition and I have done it before it does not make it easier on me and it pushes me to my limit every time.


My eating habits were not the greatest this week as it was my birthday and I wanted to treat myself. I did learn by going overboard you can get sick because your body is not used to massive amounts of junk food at a time. So I learned that I have progressed with my eating habits as I cannot consume what I once did before this learning project. I have however, focused on my water intake and now it is a habit and a positive habit to have.

My goals for next week is to really push myself with my eating habits and to get myself back on track where I was. This will not be hard at all to accomplish just discipline and hard work. I also do plan to revisit the extreme workout and to do it with ease with no complications and a lot less complaining. Before I wrap this up I would like to share a quote that really caught my eye you can see it down below.

The reason I chose this quote above is because I felt like this was going to be impossible to do. I know that I am stubborn and stuck in my ways but with discipline and by making healthier choices it is manageable. We all have our struggles mine is eating as I have always gave myself no restrictions. By giving myself restrictions I have bettered my overall health and I am super blessed because of that. You can do anything as long as you are willing to put your mind to it.

In closing I hope you enjoyed my short blog and that you all have a great day. Feel free to tweet me @MrMSmith93 and happy blogging everyone!

One thought on “WEEK 10: SLOWING DOWN MY YOGA

  1. Mitch,
    I appreciate your honesty in this blog. You were transparent and explained how you decided to prioritize this week. I would encourage you to not be too hard on yourself. We all have weeks where other things come up and we cannot give everything 100%. If we don’t give ourselves the ability to put in varying levels of effort we will always feel like we are falling short. It is great to set and stick to goals, but we also need to be gracious to ourselves. I hope you enjoyed your week and happy belated birthday!


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